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Create a Membership Type
Membership Types determine how much a membership costs, and what the member rece... more
Give a Member a Membership
Add a membership to a member to have them receive the benefits of the membership... more
Incomplete Memberships: Completing a membership
When a membership is initially added, it is labeled as Incomplete. While the mem... more
Changing a member's payment date
This article is for changing the day of the week, fortnight, or month that a mem... more
Changing a member's membership
To change a member from one type of membership to another, we recommend cancelli... more
Create a Membership Division
The primary way of filtering memberships is using Membership Divisions. A divisi... more
Set up Membership Promotional Periods
Set a promotional period by editing a Membership Type and checking 'Enable Promo... more
Membership Prorata
Prorata is a term that is used around GymMaster, which relates to a membership's... more
Setting up Door Benefits
Each Membership Type is set up with a group of Benefits, these are essentially t... more
Concession Packs: Class & Booking v Club Visit
A concession pack is a membership type with a fixed number of uses, the pack is ... more
Which is the Primary Membership for members with more than one?
It's fairly common for members to have more than one membership at a time. Often... more
Why is my member in credit after adding a suspension?
GymMaster charges operate on a prepaid basis, that is, members pay upfront for t... more