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Discontinue a Membership Type

When you no longer want to sell a membership to new members, you should discontinue it. If you discontinue a membership type, members who have it can use it and renew it, but new members cannot receive the membership type. This allows you to retain legacy pricing for your loyal members, without having new members see the old membership fees. 
Discontinuing a membership will also make life easier for your staff and members, as there will be fewer options to choose from when adding a membership. 


To discontinue a membership type, navigate to Settings > Membership Types > select the red cross. 


This will remove the membership type from the Current Memberships list. It will stop you being able to sell this membership, but will not affect any members who have this membership. 
You will still be able to see memberships in the Discontinued Memberships list. You can never fully delete a Membership Type, only discontinue it. If you decide in the future that you would like to start selling the membership type again, you can select the restore button. The membership type will return to the Current Memberships list.