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Manual Entry of Billing Tokens
If you have received a Billing Token extract from your new billing provider, you... more
Accounting terminology and icons
Terminology Charge: Charges are incurred for sales of products, memberships... more
An invoice is a request for payment of outstanding charges. The date of an invoi... more
Setting up your Billing Provider
Choosing a provider The main things to consider when choosing a billing provid... more
Preview Billing for a Member
Changing a member's membership, adding a hold or modifying accounting can update... more
Preview Your Upcoming Integrated Billing Batch
Once you have set up your integrated billing. (https://help.gymmaster.com/551990... more
Manual Billing Only
Manual Billing Only is a setting that stops your billing from being sent automat... more
Ezidebit Terminal Configuration and Use
Taking payments just got a whole lot easier with Ezidebit’s integrated EFTPOS so... more
Charging Maintenance Fees
Charging a Maintenance Fee at your gym is completely optional. If you choose to ... more
Dishonor Fees
Dishonor fees are created by your billing provider when a payment fails. Often, ... more
Credit Notes: How to clear a charge
There may be times when there are charges on a member's account that you have de... more
Using a member's credit to make a payment
There are a few reasons members might have credit on their account, the main rea... more
Integrated Billing process
There are a number of moving parts between making a billing payment in GymMaster... more
Moving your Members to a new Billing Provider
If you decide you are unsatisfied with the current Billing Provider (BP) you are... more
Refunding payments
Billing Refunds Before you can process any refund, check with your billing pro... more
Failed Billing
It's common for people's payments to fail. Cards expire, bank accounts change, b... more
Billing Automatically Disabled (Pending Review)
About: If a members 'Billing Status', found under the Billing tab has been swit... more
Ezidebit: Only active customers can have payments added to their schedule
A common billing failure reason for facilities using Ezidebit as their billing p... more
Membership Price Adjustments
We have made some significant improvements to the underlying accounting in regar... more
Tax Rates
Before you start selling anything in GymMaster, you'll need to make sure that yo... more
PaySafe HandPoint Swiper
This article contains instructions on installing and configuring your HandPoint ... more