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Ezidebit: Only active customers can have payments added to their schedule

A common billing failure reason for facilities using Ezidebit as their billing provider is "Add payment denied - Only active customers can have payments added to their schedule".

This failure message comes directly from Ezidebit and means that the customer's account with Ezidebit has been suspended. Ezidebit customer accounts could be suspended for many different reasons, commonly there is some issue with the bank account or credit card, or the customer has failed too many transactions in a row. Ezidebit will suspend their account so that the member does not incur any future dishonour fees.

To resolve this:

  • First, contact your member to confirm that their billing details are correct, they have sufficient funds to complete the transaction, and there are no other problems preventing their payments
  • Next, contact Ezidebit to re-activate the member's account. Ezidebit will need to know the Ezidebit Customer ID, which you can find under the member's billing tab in GymMaster
  • Lastly, re-bill the member for their failed transaction. You can do this through the POS by clicking [Add Payment] under their accounts tab.

You can configure GymMaster to suspend members billing before they are deactivated at Ezidebit using the Direct Debit Fail Limit setting. See, Billing Automatically Disabled Pending Review for more information. 

Note: this is article is specifically for Ezidebit, see Failed Billing for more general information on billing failures.

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