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Moving your Members to a new Billing Provider

If you decide you are unsatisfied with the current Billing Provider (BP) you are using with GymMaster, you can always switch to a new one.
Note: While GymMaster does not lock you into any BP, you should double-check you did not sign any term contracts with them before proceeding.

When moving to a new BP, you have a couple options in how to proceed. What's best for you depends on your business model and which BP you're working with, but we'll be listing some actions you can take below.


Slow migration

The easiest way to change BP is just changing your default in Club Details, and enter in your new keys.
From this point on, any

  • New Member Sign-Ups
  • Update of Billing Info by Existing Members

will all go to your new BP.  The rest will continue to bill as normal to your previous BP.


Mass Email or Notification

After initiating your slow migration, you can try to speed it along by sending out mass communications to your client base. You will just need to target any members with a recurring billing plan (Paid in Full or clients who only purchase Bookings/POS Products can enter in details on their next visit).
We recommend running a
Current Members

report, with filters on
Membership Payment Frequency = NOT NULL

and if sleeper clients are a concern, an additional filter on
Last Visit Date > whatever date you think appropriate

After you've set up the report, run it and click the 'Email All' button and follow the prompts.
When constructing the email, you'll want to add an 'Add Field' called 'Member Update Payment Info URL'. This will tell the system to insert a custom link on each client's email. When clicked, it will take the member directly to the update payment details page in the portal, allowing them to easily skip the login step and just enter in their details.


Adding Stop at Gate task

After you've performed the first two options, and really want to be able to close down your old account for good, you can add a Stop at Gate task to all your members who have not yet updated their billing information. You can send a request to our help team to do this in bulk for you, and as the members come into the facility they will be blocked. Your staff can then take their billing details, and remove the block from their account.
Note: If you are a 24/7 facility, you should probably send a follow-up email that members need to come in during staffed hours to update their details. Otherwise, you may get some irate member turning up at the facility after-hours.


GymMaster Token Transfer

If you would rather try to get your billing details migrated in full without involving your Members, you can also pay our Transfers team to handle bulk uploading your new BP's details into GymMaster. Please contact your GymMaster Client Manager for details on the process and pricing.