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Integrated Billing process

There are a number of moving parts between making a billing payment in GymMaster and the money leaving your member's account.

A payment request leaves GymMaster and is sent to your billing provider. It's then passed on to the member's bank who reports the success or failure of the payment back to the billing provider. The billing provider returns this to GymMaster where the member's account is updated to reflect outcome. The whole process usually takes between 3 - 5 working days, though processing times can vary between billing providers and banks.



  • Member Billed
    Automatic Payments are sent early in the morning each day. Manual transactions can be requested throughout the day via the POS.
    Payments will show as Processing, and associated charges will show as provisionally paid.
  • Payment Requested
    The billing provider will batch payment requests throughout the day and send them to the relevant bank / card issuer.
  • Payment Processed
    Once payments have been processed the outcome is received at the billing provider.
    Banks usually process payments overnight.
  • Payment Status Requested
    GymMaster will request the status of payments that it sent to billing providers.
    Status are requested around 3 times per day automatically by the system. You can do this manually by navigating to Report & Till > Billing > [Check Billing]
  • Settlement
    Often your facility will have an account with the billing provider which will collect settled payments, minus transaction fees. This is paid out to your facilities bank account.
    The specifics of this will be highly dependent on your choice of billing provider.


Billing Statuses

Payment Outcome Billing Status Description

The payment request never left GymMaster. Usually this is due to the member's billing being disabled.

Processing SENT

The payment has been sent to the billing provider for processing.


The payment was successfully taken from the member.


The payment was refused by the billing provider, and never made it as far as the bank. Generally a payment is refused when the request is invalid. 

e.g. bank account is invalid, credit card has expired



The payment was rejected or declined by the member's bank or card issuer. Billing providers may use these terms interchangeably.



The payment has failed for some reason, this is sort of a catch all and usually is not due to financial reasons.


The payment was declined with a reason that incurred a penalty fee. Check with your billing provider whether this penalty fee has been charged to the member or your facility.

If applicable the fee will be added to the member's account in accordance with your facilities settings.
Settings > Advanced Configuration > Billing > Dishonour Penalty Fee 

For more on failed billing see the article, Failed Billing

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