Failed Billing

It's common for people's payments to fail. Cards expire, bank accounts change, billing gets set up for the wrong day, sometimes we just have insufficient funds.

When a billing attempt fails, the payment line item in the member's Account History will show with a red exclamation mark icon. You can click the row to show more information on the billing attempt. The expanded view shows you a list of Related Charges which that payment was attempting to pay for. You'll also see information on why the payment failed, known as the fail reason. See below for how this will look in your GymMaster system.

  1. This section is the fail reason exactly how we have received it from your billing provider.
  2. The next section is GymMaster's interpretation of the error message, usually providing more details.
  3.  Below this you will find GymMaster's recommended action to resolve the problem, before the next billing attempt.

Not all fail reasons have sections 2 & 3, we are adding these for more billing providers regularly once we become familiar with each provider's fail reasons. If these sections are empty for one of your transaction's fail reason, email support so that we can update that reason. 


Resolving Failed Billing

Follow the recommended resolution in the Account History line item. If there's no recommendation, or you come across a fail reason that you're not sure about follow these steps before attempting to re-bill the member:

  1. Contact your member.
    Check the basics; confirm that there is enough money in their account, their card is still active / their bank has authority set up, they haven't received any notifications from their bank about blocked transactions.
  2. Contact your billing provider.
    In most cases your billing provider will be able to tell you why the transaction failed, and the next steps to resolve the matter.
  3. Contact GymMaster Support.
    If all else fails, we'll be happy to help you get to the bottom of why your member's billing has failed.

Note: Some billing fail reasons come direct from the member's bank / card issuer, so your billing provider might not be familiar with all fail reasons either.

Direct Debit Fail Limit

After a certain number of failed attempts GymMaster will switch a member's automatic billing off to avoid incurring additional dishonour fees. You can set this limit under Settings > Advanced Configuration > Billing > Direct Debit Billing Fail Limit

For more information see the article, Billing Automatically Disabled Pending Review


Billing Provider Fail Codes

Some failure reasons from your billing provider will come with an error code. You can look these up on the decline codes section of our website.


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