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PaySafe HandPoint Swiper

This article contains instructions on installing and configuring your HandPoint Credit Card swiper to work with GymMaster.

Install HandPoint Express on your device

The HandPoint Express software needs to be installed on the device that will be used to collect the payment. This can be a windows PC, Android Tablet/Phone, or Apple iOS tablet or Phone. The Express software can be downloaded from: https://developer.handpoint.com/express/expressintroduction

This software is communicates with the HandPoint device over bluetooth.

Update GymMaster Settings

The HandPoint Secret key needs to be added to the GymMaster club details from Settings -> Club Details -> API Account Details -> Handpoint Device Shared Secret -> Add, Save.

Once added, a "PaySafe HandPoint " payment method should be available in the Point of Sale. If not, you can enable this manually from Settings -> Financial Configuration -> Payment Methods.

Make a Payment

To make a payment, navigate to the Point of Sale in GymMaster, add a charge to the invoice, click "Make Payment" and then select the "PaySafe HandPoint" payment method. Once clicked, GymMaster should direct you to the HandPoint Express app with instructions on collecting the payment. Once the payment is completed you should be redirected back to GymMaster to complete the sale.

Need more help?

You can contact the GymMaster Support team if this article didn't answer your question, you had trouble following any of the instructions, or require further assistance.

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