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FAQ: GM Top Features

Our support team has noticed that there are a few features in particular that greatly improve our users' experience. This FAQ covers common questions we get from our clients and includes links to relevant feature guides.

1. How can I sort my reports? 

You can sort GymMaster reports by clicking the arrows next to the column header. Click once to order from lowest to highest, and click again to order from highest to lowest.

You can also save your favorite reports so you can come back to them easily. 


2. Where can I see members who are owing money? I want to see them all in one place.

You can use the debt collection feature. Debt Collection is a reporting tool that allows you to quickly identify members who have failed payments, and members who are not being charged.


3. Where can I see the upcoming charges for a specific member?

You can Preview Billing for a specific member. Navigate to the Member Profile > Accounts > Preview Billing


4. Where can I see the upcoming charges for all members?

Preview Your Upcoming Integrated Billing Batch by navigating to Report & Till > Billing > View Schedule.


5. How can I make the online sign-up process quicker for members?

You can customize your online signup form. 


6. How do I know what my members are seeing in the member portal?

As a staff member, you are able to simulate the Member Portal with any of your member's profiles. At the very bottom of a member's profile, there is a small link labeled Login as Member.


7. How do I reset a members member portal/ app password?

You can send correspondence to have the member set their own password. Alternatively, staff users can update a member's password by navigating to their profile in GymMaster. Then at the very bottom of their profile, is a small link labeled Update Password.


8. How do I customize the member app?

The content in your member's app gets populated with customizable data and pictures from your database. To ensure you and your members get the best experience, consider updating the following:

  • Update your facility's app banner
  • Add online descriptions for your Classes & Services
  • Add images for your Classes & Services
  • Distinguish your classes from one another using color
  • Add photos for your trainers
  • Turn off App Menu Items you don't use


9. How do I avoid waking sleeping members with bulk communications?

GymMaster offers functionality that prevents automatic communications from going out to sleepers, so you can keep your member base up to date without being concerned about triggering cancellations from sleeping members.


10. Do you support Discount Codes?

Yes, Check out our article: Set Up and Use Discount Codes/ Promo Codes