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Login to the Member's Portal as a member

As a staff member, you are able to simulate the Member Portal with any of your member's profiles. At the very bottom of a member's profile, there is a small link labeled Login as Member.

Note: If this option isn't there for you, you might not have the correct user administration rights, check with your facility manager.


This will log you into the Portal as the chosen member, which gives you the ability to see the Portal from their perspective. This is particularly helpful when troubleshooting any issues that are reported by that member regarding the Portal. Common things you may want to check on a member's Portal:

  • What can this member do from the Portal?
  • Can this member make a booking with a particular resource?
  • What price does this member get a particular service at?

The Member Portal is a high customization section, almost everything a member can do from here can be turned on or off. If there is something missing from the portal, or there is something a member can do that you don't want them managing themselves, check Settings > Member Portal, for the associated setting toggle. 

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