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How to use the member awards system

The GymMaster member award system can be used to record achievements made by members at your facility. Some common examples for granting awards to a member are for reaching milestones, or recording winners of competitions. Awards are viewable in the member portal, so members can view the awards they have achieved.


Here is an example view of the awards page on a member's member portal account:


Managing Member Awards and Award Templates:

The primary area for staff to manage awards is from the awards tab on a member's profile. There you can see all awards granted to the current member you are viewing. Awards are ordered with the most recently awarded first, and awards past their highlight period will always appear after the awards that are still highlighted. They are shaded in gray to show that they are past their highlight period. The highlight period of an award defines how long from the grant date it will appear in the highlighted list in the member's member portal profile. This can be seen in the image above, where the members awards are split into recently awarded and past awards lists.


Here is what the staff view of a member's awards would look like for the same member account shown in the image above:


The list of awards only shows the most recent instance of a particular award type. To see the history of all awards of that type that have been granted to the member, click the award card to open a modal. Awards can be deleted from the member's profile from within this modal.


You can see that our example member has been awarded the '6 Week Challenge Champion' award twice. This image shows the award history for that award type that is shown after clicking on the award card from the primary awards list:


Awards can be manually added to a member's profile by selecting the [Add Award] button. This will allow you to select an award to grant to the member from a list of award templates, or you can quickly create a one-off custom award on the fly by selecting the Custom Award option from the dropdown.


Awards are generally granted from an existing award template. Award templates can be managed from the awards tab by clicking the [Manage Award Templates] button. This opens a modal that allows you to create, edit or delete award templates. Awards can only be automatically granted to a member if there is an award template to base it from, so it will be required to create an award template if this is your goal. Deleting or editing an award template will not affect awards of that type that have already been granted to members in the past.


Automatically Granting Awards to Members:

As mentioned above, awards can also be automatically granted to members. This is done via tasks. When editing a task type, there will be an option to grant an award to the member when that task is generated. There is also a quick action button on the far left of the award template selector that allows you to create a new award template while on the edit task type page. For example, if you wanted to grant an award to members on their 100th visit, you'd want to create a task type that triggers on members' 100th visit, then create a new award template for this achievement and assign it to the task type.


There is a special category of awards called system awards. These are awards that are automatically granted at the end of each week, month and year, to the members that visited the most, attended the most classes and attended the most one-on-one bookings in the period. They don't require any tasks to trigger the granting of the award. Each of these special award types can be enabled/disabled from the award settings.


Award System Settings:

There are a handful of settings pertaining to the award system. These can be accessed via the [Award Settings] button on the awards tab of a members profile, or from the awards section of the advanced configuration page found at Settings -> Advanced Configuration.

The settings page allows you to completely disable/enable the awards system. Disabling the awards system will hide awards on the member portal and member profiles in the staff side of GymMaster. It will also prevent tasks from granting new awards. The naming for the awards system can be edited in the settings page as well. eg, if the title is changed to 'Achievements', all instances of the word 'Awards' in the member portal will be replaced with 'Achievements'. Changing the title of the awards system does not affect any labeling in the staff side of GymMaster.

The system awards mentioned above can also be enabled/disabled here. There are some settings specific for the booking related system awards, that control the minimum number of bookings a member must have attended before they are eligible to earn this award. These settings can prevent the case where, for example, a 'Most classes attended in month' award is granted, when the member that has attended the most classes in that month has only attended 2. This would reveal to the winning member an insight about the amount of times other members attend classes, which you may not want them to know.

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