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Get your app looking good

The content in your member's app gets populated with available data and pictures from your database. To ensure you and your members get the best experience, consider updating the following:

  • Update your facility's app banner
  • Add online descriptions for your Classes & Services
  • Add images for your Classes & Services
  • Distinguish your classes from one another using color
  • Add photos for your trainers
  • Turn off App Menu Items you don't use

App Banner

This is the picture that displays at the top of the menu in your member's app, changing this is a great way to personalise the app for your facility. To update this, navigate to Settings > Club Details > Logos and other graphics > App Banner.

For the best fit, the image should have an aspect ratio of 3:2, around 900 x 600 pixels fits well.


To adjust your bookings, navigate to Settings > Booking and Classes, then either Service Configuration or Class Configuration, and finally edit the respective bookings.

The booking banner is set via the Logo field under the Online section and is what's seen at the top of the booking.

The Description, also under the Online section, shows at the bottom of the booking's details. 

In the absence of a logo, the booking will use the Background Colour.


The Background Colour field under the General section adds a little flare to help your members better distinguish classes from one another. The classes will turn grey when full/unavailable/etc, so select a colour that is not grey.



The trainer or instructor who is taking a class will have their profile photo shown on that booking, so make sure they’re smiling! Your staff photos can be edited within the Resource Configuration tab. To get the photo as flattering as possible, make sure the image is square and around 350 x 350 pixels.


App Menu Items

If a certain feature is not used by your facility, you may wish to hide it to reduce confusion and make the app cleaner. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Member Portal and searching for the feature of interest. You can then select the checkbox and save to enable or disable the feature. 

Menu items that can be hidden by switching off the corresponding settings in GM:

  • workouts: Enable Workouts button
  • classes: Enable class booking and Enable bookings via schedule
  • bookings: Enable booking of services
  • measurements: Enable Measurements button
  • products: Members can purchase POS products
  • documents: Enable file upload and Enable View Uploaded File


If you allow members to purchase memberships in the app, you may want to customize the way they are displayed.

Custom App

If you are interested in further customization for your facility, please contact your Sales Representative to see how our development team can help you meet your goals. 



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