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Set Up and Use Discount Codes/ Promo Codes

Discount codes can help you promote your gym. You can distribute codes to provide limited-time offers that drive new sign ups, or you can offer secret memberships to affiliated organizations. Prospects and members can enter discount codes in the member portal or provide them to staff to receive a discount on a new membership.

To use discount codes in the member portal, navigate to Settings > Member Portal > Enable Discount Code > Enable Discount Code Before Membership Selection > Save


You can choose to use discount codes in the member portal and on-site, or on-site only for things like student discounts that require an ID to be presented to staff. To set up a new discount code, navigate to Settings > Financial Configuration > Discount Codes > Adjust Discount Codes

To add a new discount code, select Add Discount Code.


Fill in the details of your discount code. If you have a similar code, but want to make a few changes, you can use the Duplicate button. 


  1. Give your discount code a name
  2. Choose a code to be entered. If you are using the code for general promotion, try using only capital letters and numbers. If your discount requires staff to verify the members ID e.g. student discount, make sure you uncheck Redeemable Online. 
  3. Independent redeem limits means that each promo code has a certain amount of times it can be used. You can change this so that two promo codes share a single pool of uses.
  4. If you do not set a redeem limit, the code can be used an infinite number of times. In this case, the code can be used 20 times, and each member can only use it once.
  5. If you do not set a Discount Period, the code can be used forever. 



Using ‘Show Non-Sell Online Memberships’, you can offer ‘secret’ membership types with discount codes. These are membership types that are not listed online, but can appear online if they are in the Eligible Membership Types field and the member knows the correct promo code. In this example, the promo code applies to the 6 Months membership, which is listed online, and the supreme membership, which you can only see if you know the promo code. The promo code offers 1 month free. Your promo code can discount the signup fee and/ or the membership price, or offer a promotional period at the start of the membership. If the membership type already has a promotional period, the promo code will override it. 

Staff can apply discount codes to new memberships in GymMaster, as long as the membership type has an associated discount code.


Members can submit discount codes in the member portal by navigating to ‘Buy a new Membership’. 


Prospects will see the discount code option on sign up. To see what prospects/ members see in the member portal, and view your discount codes in action, see the article Login to the Member's Portal as a member.