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Member's passwords

Member's first login

Unless the member signed up through the Member Portal, they will not initially have a password. If you want to send an email inviting the member to use the member portal, you can send them a link that will log them in automatically based on their email and invite them to update their password. Use the insert field Member Set Password URL. 

If your facility allows it, member's can log in for the first time using their phone number, Settings > Member Portal > Member > Enable Login > Allow First Login with Phone Number. 

If not, then your member can click the Forgot Password option at the bottom of the login interface.

Once logged in for the first time, the member will be prompted to set a password. This will be the password for all subsequent log-ins. 


Update member's password

Staff users can update a member's password by navigating to their profile in GymMaster. Then at the very bottom of their profile, is a small link labeled Update Password.

Note: If this option isn't there for you, you might not have the correct user administration rights, check with your facility manager.

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