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COVID Vaccine Restrictions

As the global COVID-19 vaccination roll out gains momentum, your business may be faced with the challenge of restricting access to your facility to comply with local requirements. GymMaster allows you to prevent access to members until they have confirmed their vaccination status. Members will have to sign a waiver, and upload any required supporting documents before their access is restored. These restrictions can be applied to doors as well as bookings.

This is a Beta Feature, and subject to change. If you have any feedback or suggestions about this feature please email the support team.

This feature has a video demonstration on the GymMaster Youtube channel.


To configure waiver restrictions for your facility first set up a new waiver template by navigating to Settings > Forms and Waivers > [New Agreement]. The fields of interest are as follows:

  • Type: Waiver
  • Name: Internal reference for this agreement
  • Title: Member facing reference for this agreement
  • Highlight: Highlight the status of this waiver on members' profiles
  • Expiry Length: The default for how long the agreement is valid. This can be customised per member during the verification step
  • Message: GymMaster doesn't offer specific advice regarding content but points you may wish to mention; Regional policy regarding vaccinations, required proof, any new rules for your facility 
  • Agreement Points: Acknowledgement of key points
  • Attachments: Supporting documentation for the agreement, these are optional and can be set to require verification from staff
    • Verify: Staff need to verify the uploaded attachment before the member will get access

Restrict access to your facility by requiring the waiver for entry through doors, or when making bookings.

  • Doors: Settings > Door Readers > [edit] > Waiver Restrictions
  • Bookings: Settings > Booking and Classes > Service/Class Configuration > Waiver
    Requires 'Bookable Online' enabled

A member will be denied access if they have not signed the waiver, not had their documentation verified, or if their waiver has expired. This can be seen in the Visitors section.


For existing members it's recommend that you communicate any policy changes to your members before they take affect, especially if they might affect their ability to access the facility.

Members can submit their waivers in person or online.


Waiver Submission

We recommend members submit their vaccination status in person. Setting your waiver up with the Highlight option will mean the status of this waiver will display under the member's profile picture. From here staff can initiate the member signing the waiver or skip straight to the verification step.

Clicking the verify button will open a verification modal, which gives you the option to set an expiry date for the waiver. This is the date that the member's waiver will stop being valid, and require re-submission.

Highlight waivers demonstrating some
of the possible waiver statuses

The Waiver Verification Modal. For waivers that have expiration dates there's an option to set the expiry date per member.


Note: The expiry option only appears if the Agreement Template has an Expiry Length set


Waiver status can also be viewed and updated from the member agreements section.
Member > Communication Tab > [View Membership Contracts] > [Waiver Status]


Online Waiver Submission

When emailing your existing members you can include the 'Sign Waiver URL' field in any correspondence to allow members to complete the required waiver online. For information on mass communication, see the article on Contacting all of your members.

For new members you can either require the waiver be submitted during the signup process, or include the 'Sign Waiver URL' field in your membership confirmation email.
Waivers can be assigned to membership types by navigating to Settings > Membership Types > [edit] > Waiver


An example of how the waiver submission may look to your members.


When doing online submission it's recommended to use the Verify option when setting up the waiver under Settings > Forms and Waivers. This means members will not gain access to the facility until after a staff member has checked their waiver, and any uploaded supporting documentation, then marked it as verified.

Staff can verify a waiver in the same places that waivers can be marked as signed, the Waiver Highlight & Membership Agreement sections.

Please be aware there may be region restrictions around storing medical information. Supporting waiver documentation can be safely deleted from the member's communication tab after verification, without affecting their access.



The reporting system can be used for looking at the status of this waiver for each member. Add the field called 'Waiver Status (Waiver Name)' to a report like the Current Members report.

An example of the Member Status field on a Standard Report.

Staff can also be notified of a member signing a waiver using the task system or regularly running reports. For help setting up a new task type, see the article Setting up a new Task Type.

Version: This feature requires GymMaster v990 or higher. For more information on GymMaster versions, see the article Whats my GymMaster version?

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