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App-Only Contactless Sign-up and Access

Introduce seamless in-app sign-up and access at your facility with GymMaster. You will need to be using GymMaster Bluetooth Access Control, online sign ups, and app functionality

1. Create a Day Pass Membership Type that has sell online enabled and is in a division with Bluetooth access enabled. You can set up the day pass in any way that suits your facility. Pictured is a standard set up, allowing the member access for a single day after purchase, with 2 visits (in case they are too far from the reader when they make the first scan attempt). Remember to set Door Benefits.


2. Navigate to Membership Online Details > Download App Signup QR code. When scanned on a mobile device, this will take the member to a page where they can install the app and sign up in the app with the membership already selected.


You can put the QR code on a poster, website, advertisement, or social media forum to encourage new signups. We recommend having the QR code available at the door to provide an opportunity to prospects who may have expected the gym to be staffed. 




3. Once the member has scanned the QR code, downloaded the app, signed up, and purchased the membership, they will be able to access the facility according to the benefits of the membership type. 




4. The member can now open the app and scan into the facility.


Note: This poster is for illustrative purposes only. Please do not use this poster or QR code in your facility.

You will need to make a poster using the QR code you find on your chosen Membership Type