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How to use Bluetooth Check-in

Members that have the GymMaster Member app installed can use their mobile phone to check in at your facility's doors, instead of a key fob. This allows members to sign up online and gain access right away, without having to come into the facility first. This is particularly useful for facilities that aren't staffed or are only partially staffed.

For information on enabling the Member's App for your facility, see the Knowledgebase article, Getting Started with the Members App

Note: Bluetooth check in requires particular access control hardware. Please speak with your sales representative if you're interested in this feature.

Checking in via the Member's App

To check in via the Member's App, click the Check In option at the top of the Dashboard as you approach the door. This will open a new page and start scanning for nearby Bluetooth readers. Members will need to be within a couple of meters of the reader for the device to be found. The reader will flash green if the member is Granted access, opening the door, or red if they are Denied.

There is no need to hold the mobile phone up to the reader.


For the Check In option to show on the Dashboard, the facility has to support Bluetooth check in, and the member must have an access control method assigned.

Check the Key Fob field on the member's Details section to see if they have an access control method. Members that have a key fob will automatically get mobile check in access. Those without a key fob will need a Bluetooth Access Token assigned. To assign a Bluetooth Access Token, click the Assign Fob button next to the Key Fob field, and then [Assign Bluetooth Access Token]

Automate assigning Bluetooth Access Tokens

For a member that signs up online, via the Member's Portal, a Bluetooth Access Token can be automatically generated and assigned to them.

You can define which memberships qualify for Bluetooth Access Tokens at the Category level. Enable or disable this for your Categories by navigating to Settings > Membership Types > [View Category List] > [edit] > Access Control > Assign a Bluetooth Access Token


There's an Advanced  Configuration option to enable this for all of your Categories.
Settings > Advanced Configuration > General > Assign Bluetooth Access Tokens by Default
(This will require the Enable mobile app access for members setting to be enabled)


If you enable Assign a Bluetooth Access Token for a Category that already has members, those members won't automatically get a Bluetooth Access Token. You can assign Bluetooth Access Tokens for existing members en mass by navigating to Settings > Door Readers > [Assigned Key Fobs] > [Assign Bluetooth Access Token to Members]


Automatic assigning of Bluetooth Access Tokens requires GM version 900+. For information on finding your GymMaster version see the article, What's my GymMaster Version?