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Getting Started with the Member's App

The GymMaster Mobile App gives your members the ability to interact with your system via an app on their smartphone or tablet. They are able to view your timetable in realtime, book into classes and make bookings with your trainers, and update their personal information. Most things you allow your members to do through the Member's Portal can be done through the app, with a smoother native experience. 

Setup Instructions

The Member's App is not enabled by default for facilities. To get started, enable it by navigating to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Enable Mobile App Access For Members.

Note: it may take up to an hour to sync with all your members.

You have control over what your member can do in the app by going to Settings > Member Portal, and reviewing the General, Booking, Communication & Member sections of this page.This page affects both the Member's Portal as well as the Member's App. However, not all settings apply to both. The settings that specifically affect the app will be highlighted with a mobile phone icon.

To help your members login for the first time consider enabling Allow First Login with Phone Number.

To find out how to get the Member's App looking its best, and for advice on getting your member's using it, check out the following resources.

Need more help?

You can contact the GymMaster Support team if this article didn't answer your question, you had trouble following any of the instructions, or require further assistance.

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