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My member cant log in

First off, ensure that your facility is set up for the GymMaster Member's App. See the Setup Instructions section of the article Getting started with the Member's App.

Next confirm that your member has downloaded the correct app. By default it will have GymMaster's name and logo, your members may not have been expecting this. 

For their first attempt at logging in, member's may need to set up their account by selecting a password. Instruct them to use the Get My Login option on the app's login page.

Verify the email address your member is using to login. There could be a typo in either the address they are logging in with or the address listed under the Details tab of their GM profile. You could try resetting their password to something simple, then heading to the Member's Portal or open up the app on your own mobile phone, and try their login details for yourself.


Common Denied Reasons


Reason Description
Account doesn't exist

No member with that email address exists in your database

Invalid email or password

Member's using the wrong email address, or the password is incorrect

Membership expired, please contact facility

Your facility only allows members with a current membership to login.
Settings > Member Portal > 'Prevent members without current memberships from logging in'

Member login is currently disabled

Your facility is configured to disable member's logging in online
Settings > Member Portal > 'Disable member login'

Too many failed login attempts. Please try again after 20 minutes

Member has had 'Invalid email or password' too many times.

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