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Using the Workouts feature

In GymMaster a Workout is made up of a series of Exercises. An Exercise is a movement, for example 'Push Ups'. You can either create a Workout from a Member's Profile, or from the Workout Library. 


To create a workout from the Workout Library go to Settings > Workout Configuration >Manage Libraries > + Add New Workout to Library

Now you will need to name your workout and add some exercises to it. After you choose an exercise from the drop-down, click [Select] and it will appear in the workout. Now you can add sets of the exercise. Click [+ Add Set] to add sets of the exercise. Add as many exercises and sets as you would like. When you are done, remember
to save!

Once you are happy with the workout, you can assign it to a member. It is a good idea to make a test member and assign the workout to them so you can login to the app as if you were a member and make sure everything is set up as you had planned. 

To assign the workout to a member go to the Member Profile > More > Workouts > Add Workout > Load Workout From Library > Copy > Save

Now you will see the workout saved to the member. Navigate to Member Profile > More > Workouts. If you want your members to be able to see their workouts in the Member Portal and Member App, make sure ‘Enable Workouts’ is checked in the Member Portal Settings (Settings > Member Portal).

To see what your workouts look like in the Member Portal you can go to the bottom of the Member Profile and select Login as Member > Training > Workouts > Select Workout. If the member is a test member you can assign a password by navigating to the bottom of the Member Profile > Update Password > Save. Make sure the test member also has an email address so you can log in. When you log in to the app you will see Workouts and Workout Results in the menu. Results are populated once the member does the workout and clicks [Submit Results]. You can see the results in the app, as well as on the member profile so the trainer can track the member's progress. If you choose to create a workout directly on the member, and later you want to give it to another member, you can save the member's workout to the general library by selecting [Copy To Library].



The most common way for members to use the workouts feature is in the app.

If you have a membership type with a particular theme, you can set a certain workout to be offered to everyone with that membership using a Program. A Program is a series of Workouts. For example, if you had a weight-loss Bootcamp membership, you could assign everyone with that membership a weight loss workout, or a series of weight-loss workouts.

You can also assign certain workouts to everyone in your database, no matter what membership they have by toggling the setting from 'membership' to 'global'. Navigate to Settings > Workout Configuration > Manage Libraries > Program Library > + New Workout Program 


Workouts are more refined from GM version 900+, but you can still create workouts, assign them to members and make them available in the member app on lower version.
For information on finding your GymMaster version see the article, What's my GymMaster Version?

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