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App-Only Contactless Sign-up and Access
Introduce seamless in-app sign-up and access at your facility with GymMaster. Yo... more
Getting Started with the Member's App
The GymMaster Mobile App gives your members the ability to interact with your sy... more
Get your app looking good
The content in your member's app gets populated with available data and pictures... more
My member cant log in
First off, ensure that your facility is set up for the GymMaster Member's App. S... more
Classes are missing from the app
Only classes that members are able to book in to will show under the app's Class... more
Using the Workouts feature
In GymMaster a Workout is made up of a series of Exercises. An Exercise is a mov... more
Can the app have my brand's name & logo instead?
Yes! We understand that some facilities won't want their members downloading a... more