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Booking PT Services online

The booking system can seem complicated at first as there are a lot of interconnected parts. If this is your first time attempting to set up your booking system we recommend that you Book a Training Session with one of our sales team. 

The following conditions must be met in order for your members to book Services with your Trainers through the Member's Portal. There's more detail on each of these steps below.

Your facility must have online Service bookings enabled

Make sure that your facility has this setting turned on

Settings > Members Portal > Bookings > Enable booking of services


The Service must be available online

Each service can be configured to be bookable online or not.

Settings > Booking and Classes > Service Configuration > [edit] > Online > Bookable Online


The Service must have a length configured

The service needs to have a length so that the system can determine which available time-slots the booking can fit in.

Settings > Booking and Classes > Service Configuration > [edit] > General > Default Booking Length


The member booking must meet the Service's restrictions

Each service has a section of restrictions relating to the booking's time, and the member's benefits. Make sure the booking you're trying to make is within the allowed time restrictions and that the member has the correct benefits to book this service.

Settings > Booking and Classes > Service Configuration > [edit] > Restrictions


The Service's Group must be allowed to be booked on the trainer/resource

Trainers / Resources can only have certain services booked on them, this allows your trainers to offer different services than each other. This is defined by their Allowed Resources / Allowed Booking Service Groups which can be set either in the Service's Groups configuration or  the Resource's configuration.

Settings > Booking and Classes > Service Configuration > Groups > [edit] > Restrictions > Allowed Resources

Settings > Booking and Classes > Resource Configuration > [edit] > Allowed Booking Service Groups


The Resource must have time marked available for online booking

The most commonly missed step is selecting the time periods that the resource is available for online bookings. A trainer can choose which times during the day people can book them, and leave the rest of the day clear to make their own appointments. Select any time slot to make time available, then edit the From and To fields to extend the time available. If the trainer is always available at this time consider using the Repeats: Weekly option.

Schedule > select Time-slot > Make Time Available


For help with booking classes online, see the articles for Classes are missing from the app and Benefit usage troubleshooting.

Note: The title references the Member's App, but the setup is the same for the Member's Portal.

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