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Benefit usage troubleshooting

Put simply, a benefit grants access to some ability at your facility. These are granted to members by their membership, and generally allow the bearer access to your facility or discount bookings. 

A common question with member's bookings is "Why is this member being charged for this booking when they have a benefit?"

As the booking system caters to so many needs, it can appear complicated at times. However, the answer to this question usually isn't that difficult to find. Check each of the following sections for common reasons a benefit might not be getting used.


Benefit Balance

Confirm that the member's benefit balance has some usages remaining. In the following example the member is allocated 2 bookings per week, we can see in the red area that both of these have been used. Their next allocation will happen at the Next Gifted anniversary date, in this example the 2nd Nov.

To see a Benefit's Transaction History, click the [Info] button on the respective benefit row under the Member Benefits section of their Membership tab.

The [Edit] button will allow you to add and subtract from a benefit's balance, or change the next anniversary date. 
Note: Changing the anniversary date creates a new starting point, all future allocation dates will be based off this anniversary date change.



Booking Restrictions

For a member to book in to a class or book a service they have to meet all of the restriction requirements. These can be time, member status or benefit related. Check that the class or service that you are trying to book doesn't have any restrictions that might affect the booking you're making.

  • Only bookable with benefit
    If enabled this class or service can only be booked with a benefit for this specific class or with a benefit for "All Classes incl Restricted"
  • Exclude from "All Classes" benefits
    If enabled this class will be excluded with the benefit selection "All Classes (excl restricted)" and "All Classes (incl restricted)"


Membership Assigned to Booking

If the booking does not have a membership assigned then concession counts and benefit balances will not be updated when the booking is checked in. You can see if a membership is being used with a booking by looking at the Membership Used column of the member's Appointment Bookings tab (Click on More if this tab is not visible). The column will show nothing if the membership is not being used, try clicking the booking to edit it and select the appropriate membership for the Benefit field.



Free Bookings

GymMaster will prioritise the member's cheapest option when making a booking. This means when booking a service or class that hasn't got a price, the member will get the Casual $0.00 option first. The system considers a benefit as more valuable than free, as benefits are granted by memberships, and memberships are usually not free.



Only memberships with a benefit that qualifies for use with that booking will show in a booking's Benefit field. If you have checked all of the above common reasons and the benefit option still doesn't show, get in touch with GymMaster Support. Be sure to mention which member, the booking time and date, and membership you're trying to use.

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