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Guide: Get your members where they need to go in the member portal


Gymmaster is a great solution for facilities with limited or non-existent staff hours, but there are some things like updating payment information, paying overdue charges, or choosing a membership type that can be easier in person. You can now have your members update this kind of information with a single click. No confusing account set up, if the member's email is in your system GymMaster allows you to send the member a link that logs the member in and takes them directly to where they need to be in the member portal.

In the member portal members can do the following from their device by following a single link: 

- set a member portal password {Member Set Password URL}

- make a class booking:  {Member Booking URL}

- book a service: {Member PT Booking URL}

- update their payment details: {Member Update Payment Info URL}

- see their account history: {Member Account History URL}

- buy a new membership  {Member Add Membership URL}

- cancel a current membership {Web Cancellation URL}

- pay overdue charges {Member Failed Payment URL}

- buy items in your online shop: {Member Shop URL}

To add one of these links:

1. Go to settings

2. Go to Templates

3. Create a new email template

4. Write the text of the email and place your cursor where you want the link to go.

5. Click the insert field dropdown arrow 

6. Begin typing the name of the URL field, and select it when it appears.

7. Click the [Insert Field] button 

8. The URL field will populate in the email. The format will change for each member when you send it, turning it into a link specific for them. Do not edit the curly braces, the number or any part of the insert field or it will not work.

9. Save the email template

Now you can send the template with the link(s) to your members! You can send the email to a single member, to members in bulk, or automatically, using tasks

If your members are unable to access any of the above links, you will need to update your member portal settings to allow access to the required area of the member portal. You can see what your members can do in the portal by logging in as a member. 

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