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Update Billing Details through the Member Portal

You can allow your members to update their billing details themselves through their Member's Portal. A common case for this is when a member fails a billing payment, or if a member has just signed up.

Once the member is in the member portal, they can navigate to Account > Update Billing Info where they can enter their new card/ bank account information. 

After updating the information, the member may wish to pay their outstanding balance. They can do this by navigating to Purchase > Pay Outstanding Balance. 

Please note that you will need specific member portal settings to have this functionality available to your members. You must have the Member Portal Setting 'Hide Update Billing Info button' unchecked. Navigate to Settings > Member Portal > Hide Update Billing Info button. An easy way to see what your members can do through the member portal is to use the login as member feature.

You can send your members an email with a link to the Pay Outstanding Balance section of the member portal. The link will automatically log the member into the member portal based on their email address and will take them straight to the page where they can put in their card data. The template field that will generate the link is called Member Update Payment Info URL. 


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