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Club Notices
Club notices will appear in a banner at the top of your member portal and app. T... more
Guide: Get your members where they need to go in the member portal
Gymmaster is a great solution for facilities with limited or non-existent staff ... more
Sell Memberships Online
Selling memberships online is not only good for publicity, it's a great way to s... more
Update Billing Details through the Member Portal
You can allow your members to update their billing details themselves through th... more
Customise your Account Buttons
The account drop-down buttons (Booking, Training, Purchase, Account) in the port... more
Member's passwords
Member's first login Unless the member signed up through the Member Portal, th... more
Login to the Member's Portal as a member
As a staff member, you are able to simulate the Member Portal with any of your m... more
Customise the way your memberships are displayed in the Member Portal
If you have a large selection of memberships available online, you may wish to p... more
Booking PT Services online
The booking system can seem complicated at first as there are a lot of interconn... more
Customise your online signup form
The personal details collected from your members when they signup via the Member... more
Make payments through the Member's Portal
You can allow your members to make payments for outstanding charges themselves t... more