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Membership Prorata

Prorata is a term that is used around GymMaster, which relates to a membership's charges. If a charge has been prorated, this means that the system has adjusted the due amount for the charge according to a date change on that membership. Charges are adjusted to compensate for time that the member will not be using the facility. The system will calculate the daily value of a membership, then check how many days during the membership's period the member will have access to the facility, and adjust the charge to reflect this.

Membership Prorata can occur in the following situations:

  • When adding a new membership, the first payment date is different from the membership's start date, otherwise known as the Upfront Fee. Whether or not this occurs by default is configurable, Settings > Advanced Configuration > Membership > Prorata First Payment
  • When changing a membership's Next Payment Date
  • When adding a suspension or free time to a member
  • When cancelling a membership. Whether or not this occurs by default is configurable, Settings > Advanced Configuration > Membership > Prorata Cancellation By Default

In the following example, this member has a weekly membership and goes on a holiday for 8 days. In the member's Account History you can see that for the one full week they are on holiday (28 June till 4 July), the charge for this period is then zero dollars. However, there is a one day overlap with their holiday and their next week's membership charge. That means that for this cycle, 5 July to 11 July, they are only able to access the facility for 6 of the 7 days. The system works out that the daily price of this membership multiplied by 6 days equals $25.71, and prorates the membership charge accordingly. 


The Maths

This member is on a weekly membership, which costs $30.00

30/7 ≈ 4.285
4.285 * 6 = 25.71 


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