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Create a Membership Division

The primary way of filtering memberships is using Membership Divisions. A division is a group of Membership Types. You can set some settings, and run reports at a division level.

By default, your division names will be used as headers for your membership categories when they are listed online. You can choose your divisions to suit your gym, dividing on the specialization (e.g yoga, golf ) or the age of the members (e.g student, senior), or any other factor that you wish.

To see your divisions, go to Settings > Membership Types > View Division List

To add a division, select [Add Division]


At the division level, you can set the default tax rate, minimum cancellation notice period, and whether the member needs to sign terms and conditions or a waiver before using their membership. If you use BlueTooth access control you can also set the division to assign a BlueTooth token to the member as soon as they purchase a membership in the division. 

To put a membership type in a certain division, edit the membership type, change the division dropdown and save. 

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