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Update Membership Prices: Changing a Membership Type for all Members with that Membership

Some elements of a Membership Type cannot be edited once members are using the Membership Type. A solution is to transfer all of the members on one Membership Type to another Membership Type using the Transfer Current Memberships tool. You may want to use the tool if you are changing the price of the membership type and you want the price change to be applied to all members, not just new sign-ups. Note that you cannot use the tool on Paid in Full memberships, as they have already been paid for. In this case, just update the price of the existing membership type so the change will apply to new members. 


A common request from our clients is for our development team to change some aspect of a membership type, like price, payment frequency, or program basis, and have the changes apply to all the members on that membership type. The Transfer Current Memberships tool will allow you to complete these changes yourself. To find the tool, go to Settings > Membership Types > Select a Membership Type >  [Edit] >  [Transfer Current Memberships] 


Clicking [Transfer Current Memberships] will bring up the following modal:


On this page, you can select the membership type you want to move the members to. If this is an existing membership type, select it and click [Preview Affected Members].If you want to move the members to a modified version of their current membership type, select [Cancel] > [Duplicate] and edit the duplicated membership type to have the settings you want and a name that makes sense E.g Athlete Membership 2022 instead of Athlete Membership (copy 1). This will be the membership type that you move your members to. Go back to the membership type that you want to move the members away from and select [Transfer Current Memberships] to fill out the form.

After you click [Preview Affected Members] you will see a list of all the members currently on the membership type. Once you have confirmed the transfer, a result screen will show you any members who could not be moved and the reason. You will need to deal with these members on an individual basis.You can now run a report to check the data. Go to Report and Till > Standard Report > Member > Membership Type Summary. You may notice that some members have not yet been moved to the new membership type. This is because the tool has lined the membership start date up with the member's billing cycle so that the member is charged the correct amount for each period. You can try running the Membership Type Summary using a start date that is a few weeks away, this will most accurately reflect the changes you have just made.
If you have moved all your members away from an old membership type, you can mark the Membership Type as Discontinued to prevent it from being sold going forward. To do this, edit the Membership Type, tick the Membership Discontinued checkbox and save.You can use the Transfer Current Memberships Tool to:

  • change all active membership prices for your members
  • change or extend the dates of members' preset date programs
  • change the payment frequency of members memberships
  • change members memberships from open-ended to renewal or other program basis change
  • change members memberships from In-Person Payments to Integrated Billing or vice versa

You do not need Transfer Current Memberships Tool to change some settings, you can just edit the membership type and click save to have changes apply to all members for:

  • changing benefits
  • changing the membership name
  • changing the membership division
  • changing membership online details
  • changing promotional periods (will only apply to new members)
  • changing sign up fees (will only apply to new members)