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Membership Agreements: Terms and Conditions /Waivers

In GymMaster, agreements include Terms and Conditions and Waivers. You can set agreements by editing a Membership Type and updating the Agreements or Forms To Sign field. Edit your agreements by navigating to Settings > Forms and Waivers.


You can require that members sign agreements before using their new membership. To turn this setting on, navigate to Settings > Membership Types > View Division List (Or View Category List) 


Choose the Division/ Catergory that the Membership is in > Edit with the Blue Edit Pencil Symbol


Check  'Require signature before completing membership.' > Save. 


Once signed, GymMaster will save the agreement to the member's communication tab. Until the documents are signed, the membership is incomplete. 



If your members fill out a hard copy of any agreements, you can keep these documents in GymMaster by scanning or photographing the form once it is filled out and saving a copy in the member's communications tab. To do this, navigate to Member > Communications > Add File. Alternatively, you can email agreement links to anyone in your database.  Members will receive a copy of the document and be able to provide an e-signature. 

Membership contracts are handled separately in GymMaster. You can read more here.


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