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Ezidebit Terminal Configuration and Use

Taking payments just got a whole lot easier with Ezidebit’s integrated EFTPOS solution. With Ezidebit by your side, you can enjoy a seamless payment experience that ensures you can focus on what matters most – your members. There are just a few more steps to get you up and running with your new EFTPOS machine.


Before use, a terminal must be paired with a POS Station. A terminal can be paired with and used by multiple POS Stations, but each POS Station can only be paired to a single terminal.

To pair the terminal to a POS Station in GymMaster, go to Financial settings:


Select a POS Station to pair under POS Stations, then click the 'Pair Ezidebit EFTPOS' button. A window will open requesting a pairing code.

To obtain the eight digit pairing code:

On the terminal select: Menu > Config > Password > POS Integrations > Authorise POS Menu > 3 > 833767 > 1 > 1 [https://www.smartpay.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Getting_Started_Guide_SmartConnect_AU.pdf]

Enter this code into GymMaster and click Confirm to provide confirmation of pairing on both the terminal and browser.


To make Ezidebit EFTPOS available in POS, toggle on the 'Show in POS?' checkbox under the 'Payment Methods' heading in Financial Settings.

POS Transactions

After ringing on items to be charged, click the 'Make Payment' button, then the 'Ezidebit EFTPOS' button in the dialog box that opens.

Click 'Start Ezidebit EFTPOS Transaction' on the next screen to send the transaction to the terminal. The customer follows the prompts to complete their payment.

When the transaction completes, the dialog will close, and a banner will be displayed at the top of the POS showing the outcome. If successful, a payment will be added to the transaction, which if paid in full can be completed by clicking the 'Complete Sale' button.

Pending / Delays

Transactions should complete within 20 seconds and generally faster. In case there are any delays in the response from Ezidebit, the operator will be given the option to manually check for an outcome.

After two minutes, if Ezidebit has not been able to determine the outcome the manual check will show as delayed, and the operator is given the option to manually override the transaction as accepted or cancelled, checking the terminal itself for the outcome.

If the initial response does come through at any point, the original process will continue, closing the dialog and recording the payment.

Refunds and Reconciliation

Refunds are not currently processed through GymMaster. Follow instructions from Ezidebit to manually process refunds or obtain settlement inquiries and cutovers through the terminal.


If there are any problems with pairing or completing transactions, responses from Ezidebit and more information will be displayed in GymMaster or on the terminal itself. Many issues can be resolved by re-pairing the terminal with the POS Station.