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Charging Maintenance Fees

Charging a Maintenance Fee at your gym is completely optional. If you choose to charge a Maintenance Fee, you can decide which membership divisions it applies to and how often it is collected. 

If you wish to charge your maintenance fee manually, you can run a Report to find the members you wish to charge, and then add a One-Time Charge to all of them. This can be a good option for clubs that want to collect the maintenance fee from all members simultaneously, or if you have different maintenance fee costs for different membership conditions. The only downside is that you will need to schedule your own maintenance fee collection so that you remember to run the report at the right time every year/quarter etc.

If you would prefer to have the charge come out on an automated cycle, you can use the Maintenance Fee setting in Club Details and on the relevant Membership Divisions. Navigate to Settings > Club Details > Maintenance Fee > Enable Maintenance Fee. 



You will now be able to determine the conditions of the maintenance fee. In this example, the member will be charged $60, 90 days after they first started a membership at the club. The charge will only be collected if they have a membership that is in a membership division that has the maintenance fee enabled (by default it is disabled). One year later, if the member still has a membership that is in a membership division that has the maintenance fee switched on, they will be charged $60 again. This check and charge will continue to occur each year on the same anniversary as long as the member is in the system.

To check if a membership division has the maintenance fee switched on, navigate to Settings > Membership Types > View Division List > Edit a division > Check ‘charge a maintenance fee to this group’.

You can set which Division a Membership Type belongs to by editing the Membership Type 

You can check when and if a certain member will be charged a maintenance fee by going to their Member Profile > Billing Tab

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