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Accounting terminology and icons



Charge: Charges are incurred for sales of products, memberships or bookings. A charge occurs on it's due date and requires a payment from the member that incurred it.
For example a new member signs up starting 19th Aug, their charge for their first period is due on this date.

Payment: Payments are made by members to pay for a charge. A payment can occur any amount of time before or after the charge is due. Usually payments are made on the same date as the charge is due, though this is not always the case.
In the below example, if the member misses their first payment they will owe for the charge until payment is made.

Invoice: An invoice is a request for payment, similar to payments this can happen at any time though usually happens for outstanding charges. The date of an invoice is the date it is created and sent to the member. An invoice can be for any number of charges, meaning it is not always possible for the invoice date to be the same as the charge dates. For more on creating and managing invoices, see the article Invoicing

Receipt: Receipts are a document that provide proof of payment. These can be generated for any payment or for any charge that has associated payments. These can be generated as a PDF then emailed or printed. Receipts for point of sale transactions can be printed via thermal receipt printers if your facility is utilising these. 

Statement: A member's statement will show all transactions from their account history within a specified date range. Member's often request these so that they can verify what they're paying matches what they're getting charged for. You can generate a statement by clicking the [Statement] button at the top of the account's tab, then selecting a date range. This can then be printed, or emailed to your member.




1 & 5 Payment
Indicated by a blue band on the Account's History line item.
2 Charge
Indicated by a green band on the Account's History line item.
3 Adjustment
An adjustment has been made to counteract a payment or charge.
4 Over paid / Deposit
The payment is not fully assigned to charges yet, there are available funds to be used.
6 Gifted Time
The member has been given free time during this period, the charge amount is adjusted to reflect this.
7 Unpaid
Charge is outstanding, no payments have been made yet.
8 Membership Suspended
The membership is suspended during this period, the charge amount is adjusted to reflect this.
9 Paid
Charge has been fully paid.
10 Partially Paid
Charge has an associated payment, but there is still an outstanding amount owing.
11 Zero Charges
Charges with no value are automatically marked as paid.

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