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Refunding payments

Billing Refunds

Before you can process any refund, check with your billing provider that they support refunding payments and that your merchant account has this feature enabled. 

Note: Make sure you're aware of your billing provider's associated refund fees, and settlement times.

To refund a payment the transaction must have a Settled status. To view the status of a billing payment, click once on the line item under a member's Account History and it will expand. GymMaster does not currently support partial refunds with any of our billing partners, only the full payment amount can be refunded.


To process a refund, click the [Refund] button to open the refund modal. In the modal you can verify the refund amount, as well as review each charge that was paid for by that payment. Note that without selecting a resolution for each charge the member will owe after the refund is processed. Reversing a payment that covered charges means that the charges are no longer paid, and as such are now outstanding. If you also wish to reverse the charge so that it no longer requires payment, select the Add Credit Note option.



Once the refund is complete the member's account history will show adjustments for the payment, and any charges where the credit note resolution was chosen. The member's account will now be balanced with a negative payment and negative charge line items.

Refunding in Person Payments

Non-billing payments can also be refunded in the member's Accounts section. This action is only for record keeping purposes, refunding of money will still need to be processed outside of GymMaster.

To make a refund, use the [Adjustment] button at the top of a member's Accounts tab. Be sure to select 'Debit Note' as the adjustment type, this is used for reversing or refunding a payment. When choosing what to base the refund on you can select a previously made payment, or specify the payment method used.

  • Payments: Used when you refund the member the same way they have paid you. e.g. They paid cash, you refunded them cash
  • Payment Methods: Used when you refund the member a different way than they paid. e.g. They paid cash, you refunded them via Internet Banking

Note: This choice will affect how the refund is reported in your financial reports.

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