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How to assign a key fob to a member

For members to check in, or enter your facility using a key tag, or swipe card, they have to have one associated with them. This is the Key Fob field of the member's Details tab.



When a new fob is scanned on one of your readers it will be serialised to a sequential number; the first fob being #1, the second #2 and so on. This number is what is represented in their Key Fob field. This field can be set manually by typing the number associated with the fob, or you can select the button to the right of the field with the tag icon on it. This will check for the most recent key fob that was swiped on your designated default reader, and put the fob number in the field for you. Make sure you click the [Save] button on the member after you set a Key Fob. 

Key fobs are reusable, and can be unassigned from one member and then assigned to a different one. You can unassign a key fob by removing the number in the Key Fob field, and then saving. This key fob will now be treated by the system as a new tag, and you can assign it to a new member following the same instructions as above. 

An example of an unassigned key fob in the visitors log, in this example the fob number is 7.