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Interclub Access

An Interclub Network is a group of facilities that each use GymMaster, and have linked their facilities together. This allows their members to visit any of the other facilities in the network, provided they have the relevant membership benefits. 

Interclub networks are commonly set up by franchises that operate independently while still wanted to offer their members the benefit of multiple facility options. If you own more than one facility, or have a working relationship with another facility manager you could consider offering your members Interclub access.


Joining Interclub Networks

At this stage Interclub Networks can only be set up by GymMaster. To get started, email support letting them know your facility and the facility you're wanting to link to. Include both clubs GymMaster URLs to ensure we contact the correct facilities, then we'll get in touch with all of the facility owners for authorisation.



  • Interclub Access: The ability for a member to visit another facility in an Interclub Network
  • Interclub Network: A group of GymMaster databases that have been linked for Interclub Access
  • Home Club:
    • Relating to a member, their Home Club is where they pay and are stored in this clubs database
    • Relating to a facility, the Home Club is your facility
  • Away Club: An Away Club is any non-Home Club in an Interclub Network
  • Home Visit: Occurs when a member checks in at their Home Club
  • Away Visit: Occurs when a member checks in at an Away Club
  • Interclub Guest: A member visiting your facility from an Away Club



Interclub Guests will show in your Visitors section just like any check in, however they will be labelled with [Inter-Club Guest]. You'll also see the guest's name, picture and their Home Club. You can filter your Visitors section to only show Interclub Guests by clicking the [Interclub Visitors] filter.


There are also a number of Standard Reports to help you manage your network. Navigate to Report & Till > Standard Reports > Retention to find the Interclub reports.

  • Summary of Guest Visits: This report shows you a summary of the companies that your Interclub Guests belong to. For each company you have received a guest from, this report will tell you how many total guests you have had from that company in the given period.
  • Summary of Away Visits: This report shows you a summary of the number of visits your members have made at each of the sites in your Interclub Network.
  • Members Home/Away Visit Comparison: Returns a list of all of your home members who have visited other sites in your network during the given period. For each member, see their; granted home visits, granted away visits, percentage comparison of the two, and a breakdown of their Away Clubs visited. 

Note: Interclub reports will only show if you are part of an Interclub Network.