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Access Control

Member denied entry
If a member is being denied entry at your facility, their Pop-up will show in re... more
How to assign a key fob to a member
For members to check in, or enter your facility using a key tag, or swipe card, ... more
How to block access to Members who owe too much
Stop after owe is an Advanced Configuration setting that blocks member access wh... more
How to purchase more key fobs
When your key fob stock is starting to get low you can order more online. In the... more
How to use Bluetooth Check-in
Members that have the GymMaster Member app installed can use their mobile phone ... more
Check in notifications
When members check in at your facility there will be a popup in the bottom-right... more
Visitors list shows the incorrect time
The Visitors section shows a history of every check-in that has happened at your... more
Troubleshooting your Access Control system
Your Access Control system is run by a small computer device we call a Gatekeepe... more
Interclub Access
An Interclub Network is a group of facilities that each use GymMaster, and have ... more
Facility access with a booking instead of a membership
Grant door access to casual members, those without a membership, if they have a ... more