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Troubleshooting your Access Control system

Your Access Control system is run by a small computer device we call a Gatekeeper. The first step when you're having any access control or check in issue is to locate your Gatekeeper, and make sure it is plugged in to power and Internet. 

More specific troubleshooting is built in to your GymMaster software. If you can see an error for one of your readers, you'll be able to click on the troubleshooting button to be taken straight to the relevant help article.


The system is broken up in to various articles, each of which address one error you may be seeing, or one problem you may be experiencing. The articles will list a number of tests you can perform to work on getting your access control problem resolved promptly, any time of the day.  

If you aren't seeing any error, troubleshooting articles can also be found on the GymMaster website, under the Support section.


Note: Avoid cutting the power to your Gatekeeper whenever possible, as this will clear the system logs making troubleshooting much harder for the support team.