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Troubleshooting your Access Control system

Your Access Control system is run by a small computer device we call a Gatekeeper. The first step when you're having any access control or check in issue is to locate your Gatekeeper, making sure it is plugged in to power and Internet. 

Depending on your model of Gatekeeper there will either be a row of LED status lights on the front or an LCD screen on the top. An operational Gatekeeper will show the All OK LED, or no errors displaying on the LCD screen. You will also be able to see errors in your GymMaster system under the Settings > Door Readers section.

If there is a problem then check the LEDs / Error message against the access control Troubleshooting Guide.


Note: Avoid cutting the power to your Gatekeeper whenever possible, as this will clear the system logs making troubleshooting much harder for the support team.


Get in touch with the support team if you're still having trouble getting your access control system back up and running. Given the urgency and complexity of the access control system it's usually best to call the phone support help desk, use the contact us page to find the best contact number for your region. Be sure to mention which of the steps you have already followed from the Troubleshooting Guide.

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