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Check in notifications

When members check in at your facility there will be a popup in the bottom-right corner of GymMaster showing who checked in. This pop up will appear on all GymMaster pages, showing you the status of their check in; Green for granted, Red for denied, Yellow for warnings and Blue for special cases.

  • Green: Check in was successful, you'll see their membership and some account information
  • Red: The member has been denied access to your facility. See the article, Member Denied Entry
  • Yellow: Check in was successful but there is a warning on the member's profile. Navigate to their Communications tab to follow up with their outstanding tasks.
  • Blue: Check in was successful, and the member meets a special condition. Today's their birthday or they're a new member.

A new member in this context is defined by an outstanding task on their profile relating to being new. i.e. Member Joined, or Membership Starting.

Check in pop-ups are enabled for users by default. You can manage these by navigating to Settings > User Administration > [edit] staff user > Options > Pop-ups enabled, you can also set your user to Hide Granted Pop-ups


Desktop & Browser Notifications

GymMaster might not always be at the front of your computer screen while you're working. If you wish to see check in notifications while you're in other windows then you can integrate with the notification system of your web browser. Your web browser in-turn integrates with your operating system's notification system, showing you check ins while you're not in GymMaster or your screen is locked.

The specifics for enabling these will vary for different web browsers and operating systems but principles are the same. While on your GymMaster web page, click the icon at the start of your URL bar. This will show you the current site settings for this web page, make sure that Notifications are allowed. Head in to the Site Settings section or try search for 'Notifications' in your browser if you don't see the shortcut for Notifications. 

Most operating systems will have notifications enabled for your web browser by default. If you aren't seeing any notifications then navigate to the notification settings section of your operating system and adjust the permissions for your web browser.


Allow browser notifications in Google Chrome

A Windows desktop notification for a member check in


Note: Desktop and Browser notifications will only occur for check ins made by your member, from the Member's App or a key fob swipe.