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Billing Automatically Disabled (Pending Review)


If a members 'Billing Status', found under the Billing tab has been switched to Pending Review,  this means that the member has failed a number of transactions consecutively and their billing has been temporarily suspended until the billing information can be reviewed. This review may include adding new billing details, contacting the member to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover the charges or enabling more products at your billing provider.

This action is performed for a number of reasons. Some billing providers charge a failed payment fee to your merchant account for every unsuccessful transaction attempt, so disabling after a number of failures limits your exposure to these fees where no collection from the member is possible. Repeated payment attempts on cards marked as cancelled or stolen can sometimes result in action being taken against your merchant account by the billing providers risk management department.


The members billing status will be swapped back to to Bill Member Automatically when their payment details are updated either in the web UI or via the members portal. It will also be swapped back automatically if a successful transaction is processed via the Point of Sale. Alternatively, you can select Bill Member Automatically and click the [Save] button to swap it back manually. If the next collection attempt is also unsuccessful they will be changed back to Pending Review since the streak of consecutive failures will be unbroken.


Under Settings >Advanced Configuration >Billing > Direct Debit Billing Fail Limit, is the number of consecutive failures that a member can have before the billing is automatically disabled.

Note: You can effectively disable the feature by setting this to a high number that a member will not realistically reach.

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