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Transfers FAQ - Moving Member and Membership Data

Getting started with GymMaster often means getting some key data into your database. Key data usually falls into the following areas: 

1. Member Details:  Name, Email, phone, address, etc.

2. Membership Data: Next Payment date, Membership fee, Expiry Date, etc.

3. Billing Data: API keys, billing tokens etc. 

For information about Billing Data Transfers, please see Transfers FAQ - Billing: Moving your Members to GymMaster Integrated Billing


-What are my options for migrating member and membership information?

Option 1: Manual data re-entry is often a better way of ensuring the accuracy of the data as well as detecting potential issues. It typically is a better option for smaller member bases or when extracting accurate information is more complicated or not possible. When doing data entry it's important to leave enough time to enter the data before going live. If you have fewer than 300 members and are not having a billing data transfer, we strongly recommend manual data entry.

Option 2: Data Transfers can save considerable data entry and allow for a quicker transfer to the new system. However, this generally requires greater coordination to ensure a successful migration. Please discuss this option with your sales representative. There are two types of data transfers, with Membership Transfers incurring higher fees than Basic Transfers. 


-What are the types of data transfers?

Basic Transfer: This transfer typically consists of member contact details and Billing Tokens. E.g. Member Details:  Name, Email, phone, address, etc. The Billing Token import is dependent on cooperation of the existing and new billing provider where applicable.  Please note this specifically excludes Membership details the client is expected to add this manually. This transfer saves having to reacquire member billing info and basic data entry time for member details  It allows for a more controlled go live process with fewer errors and typically creates greater familiarity with the system.

Membership Transfer:  This transfer includes member contact details, Billing Tokens and membership data. E.g. Member Details:  Name, Email, phone, address, etc. Membership Data: Next Payment date, Membership fee, Expiry Date, etc. Please note while this can save considerable data entry membership data tends to be more difficult to accurately interpret from spreadsheets and third party systems. In order to ensure accuracy client feedback is required during the process as well as checks by the client of the imported data. If you have fewer than 400 members, we recommend a member only transfer so you have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with membership functionality in GymMaster, rather than familiarizing yourself with a spreadsheet.


-What if I want other data transferred?

A more detailed transfer waiver will be provided before a transfer is started and we recommend clients confirm whether or not specific fields are included if they are important to their business. Additional data, documents and photos can be imported if arranged in advance but this is typically charged separately as the difficulty can vary considerably.


-How can I enter data myself?

You can follow our guides:

-Add a new Member

-Create a Membership Type

-Give a Member a Membership

-Incomplete Memberships: Completing a membership

-Contacting all of your members

-Guide: Get your members where they need to go in the member portal

-Sell Memberships Online

For more information, book a free training session. We find that our clients get the most out of training sessions when they arrive with a list of questions or tasks they wish to achieve. If you are adding memberships yourself, this is a great time to book a training session so you can get the most out of GymMaster.


-Do you have videos to help me get started?

Yes, please see our YouTube channel.


-I have had a transfer and now I need to add memberships to my members, how do I get the dates right?

The easiest way to get the dates right is to copy them exactly from your old CRM e.g. set the start date to 12/02/2020. This will cause the system to generate enormous charges on the member, Don't worry. we can zero these the day before you go live, which will ensure a smooth transition where all the dates line up perfectly and nobody is double billed. Make sure you have manual billing only on until your go live date to prevent charges from being sent. If the memberships are showing as incomplete, make sure you complete them before your go-live date.


-I have had a transfer but I cant see my member profiles. Where are they?

When you navigate to Find Member, the radio button is automatically set to Current Members. Customers who do not have a current membership are not regarded as Current Members, so you will need to change the radio button to see them. Try setting the radio button to 'Everyone' or 'Expired Members' to see these profiles. Once you add memberships to these profiles they will become Current Members. 



-I have had a transfer but I cant see my membership types. Where are they?

Membership Types that are imported as part of a transfer are set to discontinued. They can be used and renewed by members who already have them, but cannot be purchased by new members. To see discontinued membership types, navigate to Settings > Membership Types > set the radio button to Discontinued.