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Transfers FAQ - Billing: Moving your Members to GymMaster Integrated Billing

GymMaster's integrated billing provides you with full control of your members' billing schedules. If you are having a GymMaster Transfer you may have questions about your billing provider, billing tokens, and keys. 

In order to bill through GymMaster, you need 4 things:

-A Billing Provider

-A Go-Live Date

-Member Billing Tokens

-Billing Keys



-What is a billing provider?
A billing provider is a company that collects payments scheduled by GymMaster and deposits the funds into your bank account. Your client manager should help you select a billing provider based on your location and needs. Not all billing providers are available in every country. Learn more about GymMaster's integrated billing partners here:

-Who is my billing provider?

The company that processes the member's payments and deposits them in your account. This may be the same entity as your previous software provider.

-Can you import the member data with the tokens?

Yes, we can import data like names, birthdays, emergency contacts, and addresses at no extra charge if this data is provided to us. Importing Memberships will incur a higher transfer cost (Membership data includes payment amounts, payment frequency, start date etc.)

-What is a Go Live date?
This is when your billing integration starts working. You will need to set a Go Live date with your billing provider. Please tell us your preferred Go-Live date as soon as possible. We recommend that you set this for a quiet billing day.

If you are keeping the same billing provider, this is the date that they stop using the billing schedules generated by the old software and begin using the billing schedules generated by GymMaster. 

If you are using a new billing provider, this is the date the new provider will begin billing your members. In this case please ensure that the last day that your old billing provider bills your members is the day before your Go -Live date, to avoid double billing.


- What is a billing token?
A billing token is a code that represents the members' raw billing details (CC/bank account number). For security GymMaster stores these tokens instead of the raw details for billing.

Your billing provider must send us the tokens for your existing members, otherwise you will need to recollect payment details from each member. When you upload new billing details through the members billing tab, or through the member portal, this information is sent directly to your billing provider and a token is created in your database. You will be able to see the token in the member's billing tab.


-What is a billing key? What do I do with it?
Billing keys are stored in your GymMaster database to allow us to connect to your billing provider. No billing will work if the billing keys are incorrect or have not been activated (you have not set a go-live date with the billing provider).

Your billing provider should send you your keys or should tell you how to access them via the online account they have made for you. It is your responsibility to copy and paste the keys into the billing section of the Club Details page.

1. Go to Settings 

2. Select Club Details

3. Check Manual Billing Only (if you are not yet ready to bill)

4. Change the billing provider dropdown to the billing provider you will use with GymMaster 

5. Check the enabled check box

6. Fill in the required ID/ Key fields

7. Save

For facilities that offer online sign-ups, select your default providers for online transactions under the Member Portal section just below the Billing Details.


-Do I need new billing tokens? How do we get them?

We do not have rights to your data, so we cannot request your data from your providers. You must make the request.

If you are keeping the same billing provider you do not need new billing tokens. You simply need to ask your billing provider to send us the current tokens. You can send your billing provider something like: "Just emailing to give written confirmation that you have my authority to transfer all relevant information to GymMaster: clients' contact information, payer tokens, and anything else that is needed. Please deactivate my old billing schedules on my Go Live date. My Go Live date will be 23rd August 2022. 

If you are changing billing providers, you will need new billing tokens. Write an email and send it to both your current billing provider and future billing provider. You can send something like:
"I am emailing to request that my new billing provider x takes over from billing provider y for my billing integration with GymMaster. 

Billing provider y, please send my members’ billing details securely to billing provider x, and deactivate my old billing schedules on my Go Live date. My Go Live date will be 23rd August 2022."
Billing provider x, please work with billing provider y to receive the billing details. When this is complete, please send a spreadsheet of payer tokens to me or directly to GymMaster. Please activate my billing keys on my Go Live date. My Go Live date will be 23rd August 2022.

If you need help finding email addresses for your current or future billing providers please contact the support team.

-Do I need new billing keys?
If you are not sure that your billing keys will continue to work with GymMaster, please contact your billing provider. You can ask your billing provider to send your billing keys directly to support@gymmaster.com if you need us to upload them for you.


Overview of Token Transfer process:
1. You request that your billing provider sends us tokens.
2. We match the tokens to your members in the database, or we import the member information with the tokens. If you have not set up your members by the time we import the tokens, we will import the member details as well.
3. You will need to add memberships to your members for them to be able to bill. If you add memberships and they begin generating charges that you do not want to bill because you are still billing through your old system, we can zero all accounts the day before your Go Live date at no charge.

You can book a free training session here: https://www.gymmaster.com/book-training/
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 4. We will enable 'Manual Billing Only' when we import the tokens. You must check your upcoming billing batch and disable 'Manual Billing Only' if you want your members to be billed. To do this, navigate to Report and Till > Billing > [View Schedule]. Once you are happy with the scheduled preview, navigate to Settings > Club Details > Uncheck Manual Billing Only.

Need more help?

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