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Member denied entry

If a member is being denied entry at your facility, their Pop-up will show in red and any door associated with this reader will not unlock.

There should be a small description of the reason the member is not allow access at the facility in the popup, in this case the member has an Overdue Account. For more details, or if you missed the pop up, head to the Visitors section of GymMaster - found in the left-hand menu. For a member to be granted access, they need to have a current membership which provides access to the door they are scanning their fob on.

There are various reasons that a member might be denied, check below for some of the most common reasons. 


Granted - No action required, the member will be checked-in or allowed through the door and a visit logged. 

New Card - This key tag is not assigned to a member yet. See the article, How to assign a Key Fob


Incomplete Membership - There is action required before their membership can be completed. See the article, Completing a membership

Overdue Account - This members owes more than the limit set at your facility.

The limit is set at Settings > Advanced Configuration > Door Readers > Stop After Owe - Amount


Depleted Card - This member has a type of membership that allows a set number of visits to the facility. In this case, the member has run out of uses and will need to purchase another pack.

No Door Membership Benefits - This means that the type of membership that this member is on does not provide access to this particular door. See the article, Setting up Door Benefits


Outside of Membership Benefit Door Time - This means that the member has tried to access the facility outside of the times allowed by their door access benefit. See the article,  Setting up Door Benefits