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Tracking Vaccination Status without Waivers

As the global COVID-19 vaccination roll-out gains momentum, your business may wish to record and track the vaccination status of your members. This guide will show you how to use custom fields and reports to track which members have given you proof of vaccination. You will be able to implement this process no matter what version of GymMaster you are on currently. If you need to restrict door access based on vaccination status, do not use this article, follow this link instead. Please note that you may need to request a free upgrade to be able to use the COVID Vaccination Tracking and Access Control Feature.


Tracking Vaccination Status Setup

To configure vaccination status tracking for your facility, first set up a new custom field by navigating to Settings > Custom Field > Checkbox Input Fields  > Add New Checkbox Fields  

You can give the field a name like 'Vaccination Proof Received'. When you click save, the Custom Field will appear on your members' profiles. 


When a member provides you with proof of vaccination you can upload it to the member's communication tab by selecting Add, then Upload File.


You can now check the Vaccination Proof Custom Field and save it to indicate that you have received proof of vaccination from the member. If you want to find out more about which members have vaccination proof, simply edit a member report and add the custom field as a reportable item. You can read more about customising reports here. Once you have the reports in the format you need, you can use them to email members based on their vaccination status.

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