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Customising your reports

To meet the different reporting requirements of facilities, GymMaster's reporting system has been designed to be highly customisable. Given any base report, you are able to add or remove columns as you see necessary. Take for example the Current Members report, the foundation of this report is members. That means any field relating to a member and their details can be added to this report. 

To adjust a report's fields to click the [Edit Report] button instead of the usual [Show Report] button used to run that report. This will open a new page showing you a list all of the current fields of that report. You can adjust the order or remove fields using the Move and Remove buttons associated with each field. Alternatively, you can drag and drop each field to the desired location.

Now, to add a new field. Lets stick to our Current Members example, but imagine we want this report to include the date of birth for our members. See below for the default fields of this report. We can add a new field by:

  1. clicking the dropdown menu labelled Add Field
  2. selecting the desired field from the list
  3. clicking the [+ Add] button to confirm your selection

Note: the field selection menu is categorised and searchable.

It's important to keep in mind the category of your base report when adding new fields. In this example our base report is member, but what if we also wanted to know which membership this member was on? The system will allow you to add columns related to a member's membership to this report, but consider that in some cases members may have more than one membership. Since this report is based off of the member, we can only display one membership at a time, be aware that the system might prioritise displaying a different membership than you are expecting.

For more information on membership priority read the article Which is the Primary Membership for members with more than one?

Once you've selecting your fields be sure to press the [Save] button, then run the report, you'll now see the extra data you added. You may also use the [Create Duplicate] button to keep the current report the same and allow you to save any changes into a new report.

You can take customising your reports further by filtering the results based off of the fields in your report. See the article Filtering your reports for further information.

If for any reason your report is missing columns, or you just want to revert to the original version of the report you can use the [Return to Default] to restore the preset fields. 

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