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Set Members as Sleeping
People who own a gym membership and no longer visit the facility are what is kno... more
Setting up a new staff user
To get started creating a new staff user, head to Settings > User Administrat... more
Membership Contracts
GymMaster generates a Membership Contract for every membership by default. You c... more
Membership Agreements: Terms and Conditions /Waivers
In GymMaster, agreements include Terms and Conditions and Waivers. You can set a... more
Update Club Ownership/Contact Information
Make sure you maintain up-to-date ownership and contact information for your gym... more
Forgotten passwords
When a staff member forgets their password there are two methods you can use to ... more
Adding charges in bulk to members
The reporting system of GymMaster can be used to add charges to any group of mem... more
Tracking Vaccination Status without Waivers
As the global COVID-19 vaccination roll-out gains momentum, your business may wi... more
What's my GymMaster version?
GymMaster is updated frequently to meet the needs of the facilities using it. If... more
Clear your browser's cache
What is a browser cache? A common practice for browsers is to save resources, ... more