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Concession Packs: Class & Booking v Club Visit

A concession pack is a membership type with a fixed number of uses, the pack is used up each time the member attends the facility. There are two types of concession packs in GymMaster; Class & Booking, and Club Visit. When creating a new membership type, these are defined by the Programme Basis.

Class & Booking Pack

Class & Booking packs will only have a concession deducted when a booking is checked in. This means your facility should be making use of the booking system. The member will first have made a booking, then the pack is used once they are checked in to that booking. As members make bookings the concession is marked as reserved, meaning that they can not make more bookings than their pack allows, even though they are not deducted until the time of check in. This can be changed in Settings > Advanced Configuration > Bookings > Allow Concession Packs to be Overbooked

Note: If your facility is not using the booking system then consider using a Club Visit Pack instead.

Club Visit Pack

Club Visit Packs will have a concession deducted when a member checks in. This could be either a key fob swipe, a manual check in by staff, or a Member's App check in.

Can we have both?

Unfortunately at this stage there is no dedicated way in GM to make a concession pack which is deducted for either a visit or a booking. However, a Club Visit pack can be used in conjunction with bookings, if it has a benefit allowing for free bookings. To check a member in to their booking in this case, perform the check in on the member rather than the booking. Then set your Settings > Advanced Configuration > Bookings > Select Auto Check-in time-frame to automatically check in the booking for you.

What if we've set up our membership type as the wrong pack?

It's not possible to change the programme basis of a membership type once there are active members are on it. If your facility has one of these packs set up the wrong way around, send an email through to GymMaster support and we can update this for you. To avoid membership type ambiguity, please include the exact name of the affected membership type, and preferably a link to edit it.

Need more help?

You can contact the GymMaster Support team if this article didn't answer your question, you had trouble following any of the instructions, or require further assistance.

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