Tax Rates

Before you start selling anything in GymMaster, you'll need to make sure that your tax rates are set up so that you are charging the correct amount.

Tax rates are setup under the Settings > Financial Configuration > Tax Rates section. You can set up different tax rates for each category of things that are sold at your facility, see the table below for these categories. Set each of your tax rates up with a title,  a name, and any number of components.

  • Tax Rate Title: This will be your reference in GymMaster for what the tax rate should be used for. e.g. Booking Tax, Product Tax
  • Tax Rate Name: This will be your member's reference, it will appear on their receipts and invoices.
  • Tax Rate Components: This is where you choose the percentage of tax depending on your local requirements. Most tax rates will only have one component but some regions have multiple.

Tax Rate Categories

Category Location in GymMaster
Memberships Settings > Membership Types > [View Division List] > [edit]
Class Bookings Settings > Bookings and Classes > Class Configuration > [edit]
Service Bookings Settings > Bookings and Classes > Service Configuration > [edit]
Products Settings > Products > [Product Types] > [edit]


  • Miscellaneous
  • General Sale
  • Maintenance Fees
Settings > Financial Configuration > Tax Rates


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