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Credit Notes: How to clear a charge

There may be times when there are charges on a member's account that you have decided you do not want the member to pay for. They might not have been visiting the facility recently, or forgot to cancel a booking they didn't show for. Instead of voiding the charge, the best practice in accounting systems is to log a Credit Note against the charge. This marks the charge as no longer needing to be collected while maintaining a history of events on the member, for future reference.

To add a payment against the member's outstanding charges, see the article How to pay for overdue charges

To add a Credit Note, click the [Adjustment] button at the top of the member's Accounts tab. Select Credit Note as the adjustment method, and enter the amount for the charges you're crediting. Use the Base Credit Note On: drop down menu to select the charge you want to clear. Enter a Credit Note Reason so you and your staff have a record of why the charge was adjusted, this reason will show in the Description column of the Accounts History.   


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