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Membership Price Adjustments


We have made some significant improvements to the underlying accounting in regards to how Gymmaster adjusts membership charges and how these adjustments interact with other adjustments in the system. These changes apply to version 1116 of Gymmaster and upwards.

These include 
* Membership cancellation prorate
* Membership expiry prorate
* Gifted Time / Membership hold
* Membership next payment date changes
* Referrals *(Coming Soon)*

You will notice the changes in the Accounts tab on the members profile, both the logic for adjustments and display.

In the below examples we have setup a member with a weekly membership that has the first 2 weeks free from a promotion in combination with a hold from the 7th Nov to the 20th of Nov

Current Version

Updated Version

You will notice that the updated version shows more information in regards to adjustments to their specific charges, in the update version you can see that the system has applied a full reduction of the price due to the memberships first 2 weeks free and the hold also overlaps this period but the charge cannot be reduced any further so the adjustments remains $0.00

The old version only displays the reduction from the first 2 weeks free and nothing more.

Calculation updates

The below examples show the same account but the membership has been cancelled for the 20th of November

Current Version

Updated Version

You can see in the old version there is a credit note used to adjust down for the cancellation prorate but in the updated version everything is created as an adjustment and all displayed together in the expanded charges section for the journal.

This also highlights inconsistencies with different systems trying to reduce down the same journal charge, you can see in the old version the original $7 charge has been reduce by 5 days due to the hold ($5) which leaves $2 outstanding, the old version wants to reduce this by a further 2 days due to the cancellation but instead of reducing the charge by another $2 *(as the membership is a dollar a day)* it treats the outstanding $2 as the price and returns a credit note of $0.57 which is 2/7 of $2.

This is just one example of the improvements to accuracy with adjustments under the new version as all adjustments are now aware of each other.

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